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Cannon FPL SR

Contact your Cannon Sales Representative for details on this unprecedented offer.

Fifty years of dedicated research and development in the field of mixing technology for reactive formulations allowed Cannon to establish a worldwide leadership in this specialized market segment. Over 32,000 high-pressure mixing heads – most of them are still in production – have been installed on more than 14,000 metering units around the world.


Cannon is introducing its newest FPL mixhead series, “SR”.  The FPLSR features several significant improvements in terms of laminar flow, reliability, cleaning and maintenance.  This new mixing head is being manufactured in the following sizes: 14, 18, 24 and 26 mm (diameter of the self‐cleaning plunger).


The new Cannon FPL SR mixing head has been conceived to cope with the rising request for faster operations, higher reliability under severe cycle conditions, reduced overall cost of ownership and ease of service and maintenance.


When confronted with the basic problem of having hundreds of existing molds that cannot be easily modified to accommodate the larger injection nozzles that are typical of a higher output mixing head, the FPL SR is the solution.  The SR features a longer injection nose, extended, in average, by 30% versus the prior version.

Mixing head detail
Mixing head Cannon FPL SR

According to the type of chosen head, the user benefits from a wide range of advantages:


  • Significant foam savings, due to higher mixing efficiency at lower working pressure

  • Optimum mixing efficiency and very laminar injection at a very high output

  • Superior foam’s performances using low‐boiling point blowing agents

  • Possibility to reach remote injection holes, due to longer injection noses and sleek heads’ exterior design

  • Possibility to vary the foam's output during a multiple sequential injection, in order to wet a very long portion of the mold cavity during the deposition of the foam

  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to long‐lasting construction and smart solutions for the periodical maintenance.

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