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Leak Free Spring Loaded Settable Nozzles

Contact Cannon USA’s Spare Parts Department for more details on this offer

Cannon has developed a new Leak Free Spring Loaded Settable Nozzle where it is not necessary to have a drain connection to the injector; therefore, implementing better sealing of the spring-chamber from the top of the injector.   

The injector is available with either a flat end tip or a conical end; the shape depends on the chemical used.


Some of the advantages include:

  • No component leakage, no contamination

  • Interchangeable with injectors normally used

  • Wider output range

  • High mixing efficiency

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Suitable for many applications


  • Flexible foam: seating and other parts

  • Integral skin foam: wheels, headrests, knobs, hub caps

  • Rigid low density foam with or without flammable blowing agents (cyclopentane, isobutane): cabinets and doors for refrigerators, insulated panels

  • Rigid high density foam: imitation wood

Suitable Mixing Heads

FPL10 — FPL14 — FPL18 — FPL24

FPL32 —FP2L22 — FP2L14 — FP2L32

LN10 —LN18 — L7 — L14 — AX18 — AX24

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