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Polyurethane processing equipment

Polyurethane processing equipment

Cannon is able to provide complete turnkey solutions for high and low density polyurethane technology , epoxy and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) technologies, from the preforming of the reinforcement to the injection and metering of the chemicals. The dry and wet side of the production process can be perfectly integrated in a tailor-made solution for every customer’s need.

metering machines
mixing heads polyurethane foaming equipment
pu foaming plants
presses - polyurethane equipment
PU sandwich panels line
Refrigerator cabinet panels - Polyurethane industrial application
Slabstock foam - polyurethane foaming equipment
tank farm - bulk storage
 Preformers - reactive polymers, composites
Mold cannon usa
PU Metering machines Cannon Usa

Metering Machines

Metering systems are one of the first range of products Cannon developed approximately 50 years ago and are still one of the core-businesses of the company. The experience developed over the years brought Cannon to a leading position in the market; the continuous research keeps the company ahead. High precision, temperature control, wide range output, different possible ratios and compositions, together with customer-dedicated services and machines are the secret for Cannon dosing units success. Easy to program, operate and maintain, Cannon machines are available in high pressure (either pump or piston driven) or low pressure (gear pump) versions.

High pressure metering machine cannon usa
Low pressure metering machine cannon usa
Special metering machine cannon usa
Auxiliary pu foaming equipment
Mixhing head polyurethane foam machine

Mixing Heads

Cannon has a consolidated experience in the development of mixing heads dedicated to every specific application, ranging from automotive to refrigeration and panels. Cannon mixing heads are specifically designed to be compact, fast and easy to handle and maintain due to the self-cleaning piston.  Our mixing heads also provide a consistent mix with high quality laminar flow.  The wide range of products available allows the customer to choose among various solutions in terms of number, type of components, mixing ratios and output.

Mixing head 1 Cannon usa
Mixing head 2 Cannon usa
Mixing head 3 Cannon usa
Mixing head 4 Cannon usa
polyurethane foam equipment Cannon usa

Automotive Plants

Cannon produces special turnkey plants for every possible application of polyurethanes, composites and thermoforming in the automotive field, satisfying all needs with a wide variety of systems. Cannon continuously develops new machines and plants with improved productivity and automation, reducing manpower requirements and with the shortest cycle time possible.

Carousels Cannon usa
Mouldcarriers systems Cannon usa
Presses - plasic processing equipment


Cannon’s experience with presses comes from decades of presence in this field and constant tuning and evolving of our technology. Our presses can meet every kind of demand, from low cycle times to precision and accessibility. Special designs such as our RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) short-stroke presses and features like active parallelism control, tilting platens and shuttling systems, make our solutions the forefront in technology and at the highest level of customizability.

High tonnage Presses - plasic processing equipment
Special Presses - plasic processing equipment
Sandwich panel lines - pu

Sandwich Panel Lines

Polyurethane filled panels for structural and insulation applications are produced using discontinuous or continuous foaming systems. Designed to best fit each customer's requirements and budget, Cannon solutions are available in several versions, all characterized by high productivity and optimum foam distribution.  Our flat panel press systems are designed for precision flatness, from multi-daylight presses (semi or fully automated), to 1+1 or 2+2 shuttle press systems.

PU Continuous Sandwich panel line
PU Discontinuous Sandwich panel line
Refrigerators complete plants

Refrigerators Plants

For several decades, Cannon has been active in the sector of domestic and industrial refrigeration, supplying and contributing to the success of all the most important players in the field. It has been estimated that more than 60% of the world’s production involves Cannon equipment, which even in this established range of applications is continuously evolving to match the customer’s needs. From mixing heads to dosing units and foaming fixtures to drum units, one of Cannon’s strengths is the supply of turnkey plants for the customer.

Refrigerator cabinet panels
Domestic refrigerator cabinet panels
In-line machine for domestic refrigerato
slabstock foam lines

Slabstock Lines

Cannon has been manufacturing dedicated plants for the continuous production of flexible polyurethanes for over fifty years. Slabstock foams, mainly devoted to furniture, bedding and packaging applications, can be produced with single block technology and with continuous or discontinuous lines. CarDio™ technology blown foams use natural carbon dioxide as an alternative-blowing agent in order to produce low density CFC free foams, with further advantages in quality and costs.

slabstock continuous foaming line
slabstock continuous foaming lines
chemical storage tanks

Tank Farms

Cannon has extensive experience in the provision of bulk storage tanks and tank design. We assist customers with both the provision and design of bulk storage tanks and the relative pipework, to ensure that all equipment is supplied correctly at the right size and operating pressures and to ensure that all chemicals are being pumped correctly, which is very important when constructing a new plant and buying new machinery.

Tank farms cannon usa
Bulk Storage cannon usa
composites preformers


In the field of reinforced plastic it is crucial to obtain perfectly shaped preformers. Cannon has always been the leading company in preforming technology due to the continuous research process which allows us to provide cutting edge solutions. The reinforcement is accurately heated and draped by means of intelligent grippers and hold-slip frames onto suitable preforming molds, giving the customer a custom-made machine for the production of the desired preform.

Preformers - reactive polymers
Preformers 2 - reactive polymers
Molds Cannon USA


Cannon is able to design, develop and supply a wide range of molds for different applications, as part of Cannon’s integrated technical solutions. The design starts from the specific demand of the customer and it is not just limited to the mold itself, it also includes particular ancillary dedicated to the process (as heating, vacuum valves, sensors and undercuts motions for applications such as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding), compression, preforming and thermoforming).

Molds 2 - Cannon USA
Molds 3 - Cannon USA
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