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Cannon USA north america
Polyurethane equipments and thermoforming machines

Cannon USA, Inc.

Cannon Usa is dedicated to the manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of reactive polymer processing technologies (polyurethane and composites) and thermoforming plants.

Polyurethane equipment applications
Spare parts and technical assistance Cannnon USA


Cannon, and its American subsidiary Cannon USA, has been recognized for many years as a leader in the PU industry.  For this reason, automotive OEMs and their partners choose Cannon for their manufacture of EV vehicles.

Specifically for this application, Cannon can offer a wide variety of high precision dosing equipment for any outputs covering all ranges of formulations and ratios.  Cannon has developed complete personalized solutions for blending different chemicals and compounds and dosing them precisely on the battery compartment.  Cannon also has solutions for a variety of fillers and viscosities.

Finally, Cannon has the ability to integrate the Customer's supervision system with a customized data collection system with an enhanced package developed by Cannon software engineers.

Contact us to find out how Cannon can assist you in finding the right solution for your upcoming processing needs.

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